♥  Tell me about your 10 Breaths Bracelets ®

Wear a beautiful 10 Breaths Bracelet to remind you to breathe deeply in moments of tension, stress, anxiety and panic.

10 Healing Stones help you to keep count and work through your 10 Breaths, inhaling, pausing and exhaling mindfully as you move from stone to stone.

Filling the lungs with air encourages our bodies to release hormones that
make us more alert and stimulated.

Breathing out slowly, releases hormones that help us to physically
and mentally relax.

The wisest one-word sentence? BREATHE!

Breathe Bracelets are, beautiful, discreet, little reminders to wear daily, to remind us to breathe when we find ourselves in moments where we are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, panicky or anxious.


♥  What Bracelet Should I choose?

All 10 Breaths Bracelets are worn, to REMIND you to breathe deeply in moments of tension, stress, panic and anxiety.

Choose the stone that you are drawn to.  All the stones said to have healing properties.  

Ultimately, it's BREATHING mindfully, for at least 10 breaths, that will help to make changes in how you feel during times of tension, stress, panic and anxiety.

It helps to know that ALL the stones used in 10 Breaths Bracelets are chosen for their anxiety and stress support healing properties.

To wear it daily, choose the stone that you love the look/feel of.


♥  How do I know which bracelet to choose if I am buying it as a gift for someone?

If you are buying a bracelet for a friend, buying the stone you think they will love, is always a safe option.  

If you know their favourite stone or colour, go with that.

They will more likely continue to love and wear a stone Breathe Bracelet if they love the colour of it.  It's remembering to breathe and to breathe mindfully, that counts.  

Again, ALL the stones used in 10 Breaths Bracelets are chosen for their anxiety and stress support healing properties.


♥  How do you use a BREATHE 10 Breaths Bracelets?


♥  Tell me more about your 10 Breaths Cancer Support Bracelets?

10 Breaths Bracelets are used to remind you to breathe when you are anxious, tense or panicked.

The 10 Breaths Cancer Support bracelets were designed using stones with various said, healing and support properties along with being based on anxiety, stress, or panic healing.

The bracelets are different from the other 10 Breaths Bracelets in that they combine a few different stones.

For every Cancer Support bracelet sold, £1 will be donated to Cancer Research.


♥  Do you offer Gift Wrapping Service?

YES!!!  This is something I love to do.  There is a little charge for that, but it is well worth it.  I make it special and beautiful to open.

If you would like to gift your bracelet, send it direct to the recipientadd and a GIFT MESSAGE to your purchase you can do that here.


♥  How/why/when when did Breathe 10 Breaths Bracelets® start?

B R E A T H E began after my own experience with 10 breaths.

I struggle with anxiety, panic and stress...

Breathing exercises, especially the 10 breaths method, help me to relax and regain my calm. I used to lose count of where I was with my breathing... my thoughts would wander to how many breaths I had been working with instead of focussing on the breath.

During a therapy session I was introduced to the 10 Breaths Method.

10 little pebbles that I had collected from my FAVE Dorset beach, became my little breath counters, I kept them in a little pouch at my bedside. They would be the first things I would pack if I was travelling. That little pouch is my constant companion.
There is nothing better than find a quiet spot... to close your eyes, to start slowly breathing in and out. To hold a pebble, to feel nature, to ground yourself and to work through your 10 breaths.

I then made myself a 10 breaths bracelet, using my favourite stone beads and I wear that every single day. I can use it whenever, wherever... on the train or in a meeting and even at my desk.
I can quietly count and focus on my breathing when I need to. I know that in stressful situations, if I just take a second to pause, to find my bracelet and start breathing mindfully, counting my breaths as I move from bead to bead, that I am able to restore calm and relax a little.

I thought I would share my breath practice with you. Hopefully you can find your calm in 10 breaths.

Anxiety, panic, stress and depression affect a lot of us.

Sometimes we just need a little reminder (or a little BREATHE pebble 😊 ) to remind us to...
pause... & just B R E A T H E!

Inhale slowly... Exhale slowly... Pause for a second... relax and repeat...

To meditate with mindful breathing is to bring body and mind back to the present moment so that you do not miss your appointment with life. – said Nhat Hanh

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(Important Disclaimer: The 10 Breaths Breathing practice is not new, it is one of many breathing practices that can be personally practiced. I have NO medical experience and share with you what works/doesnt work for ME and for ME alone.)

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