My Anxiety GO TOs...

I am going to do a few blogs on Anxiety... healing, resources etc.  

I am in no way a professional or have any medical background.  

I am sharing with you, what works for me, in the hope that you may find it useful.

I did this little graphic for you...  I hope that you like it and that it helps you to start to manage your anxiety in a few simple ways.

After realising that anxiety was something I have had to deal with all my life, just by starting to slowly recognise what my triggers were, what those feelings of anxiety actually were, was key to my healing and understanding.  

I was just afraid of everything by the time I had a major panic attack and thought that I was dying.

I needed help.  

I asked for help.  

It was the single best thing I ever did.  

Do not EVER be afraid to ask for help.  

Often, the people around us don't even know how we are feeling... we just retreat and try to deal with it ourselves.  Often we feel ashamed that we feel a certain way... DON'T...  chemical imbalances can wreak havoc with our being.  

ASK FOR HELP...  there are so many FREE resources out there.  a GREAT place to start is Anxiety U.K.

My next blog with be about breath work, different types of breathing techniques and taking time out to practice.

In the mean time... just remember to B R E A T H E...

x C




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