Mental Health Awareness

So it is Mental Health Awareness Week and Mental Health Awareness Month.

I thought i would tell you a little more about me.

 Breathe and 10 Breaths Bracelets, as you may know, came about as a result of my own struggle with mental health.

I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder back in 2020.

Slowly, overcoming a time where I found myself crippled with anxiety, to the point where I was bedridden for weeks, took time and a whole lot of gut wrenching effort.

But… I learnt so much in the process and the single one thing that enabled me to do that was… PAUSING TO BREATHE!

The second hurdle, was slowing down during my pause and to learn how to count the breaths instead of rushing through them.

At breath 6, I was thinking about what I could cook for dinner, where to walk the dog and this was the pattern for me…. Noise… background noise… things I needed to do… the distractions were endless.

NO… this was a time where I NEEDED to quieten my mind, to take those long slow breaths… to actually clear my mind, to reset, to find gratitude and to work through ten breaths mindfully.

My 10 Breaths Bracelet was the ONLY way I was able to achieve this.

I still wear my original Imperial Jasper 10 Breaths Bracelet that I made. Its faded and shredded, but it symbolises calm and strength for me.

I have never taken it off and it will have to fall apart before I do.

So for mental Health Awareness week, as a Breathe Subscriber, I am offering you 20% off a bracelet purchase.  

All you have to do is Subscribe to the NEWSLETTER here on the WebPage and SEND ME A MESSAGE to tell me that you have and I will send you the discount code.

 Remember to pause… and breathe…

 Love Corrina

(p.s. please excuse any spelling or grammar errors, not my strong point)

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