Burnout... What is it... (Blog post 1 of 2)

You may not realise you’ve hit burnout until it’s too late when you’ve crossed the line between “really tired” and “too exhausted to function.” 

Burnout can be difficult to describe, is not a medical condition, it is mostly defined as “physical, emotional or mental exhaustion, accompanied by decreased motivation, lowered performance and negative attitudes towards oneself and others.
You may not realise you’ve hit burnout until it’s too late when you’ve crossed the line between “really tired” and “too exhausted to function.”
Alternatively, you might be the type of personality who likes to stay busy, and might not recognise when you’re doing too much.
Like, If you’re used to going 100 miles an hour, and then suddenly take your foot off the accelerator, you’re now still going at 85”.  But that may feel like its not good enough because you’re so used to going at 100 miles an hour.  There will be times where you have to go a little faster, but we certainly can’t sustain that 100 miles an hour all the time.
Burnout also happens when your work-life balance gets out of sync.  This has been a common occurrence in the last few years, with the rise in remote work and technology permeating our daily lives.  People are having a very difficult time finding the necessary boundaries in order to manage their personal life and work demands.  
Finding balance has proven to be extremely difficult. 

Recognising that you have burnout is often the first step to making a plan for recovery. 

Try to begin taking control by…

•  Caring for your mental health.

•  Build breaks — and personal check-ins — into your daily schedule.

•  Exercise.  A 20 minute walk can do wonders!

•  Practice mindfulness.  Start a gratitude journal…

•  USE your Breathe Bracelet to wind down and make those 10 breaths count!

•  Establish a daily routine.

•  Start to build — and enforce — work-life boundaries

•  Explore a hobby.

Those are just a few things to start thinking about…
Here is a little graphic you can find on @breathe_bracelets


Blog Post 2 about Burnout will help us find way to to take time out and to find peace by using our 10 breaths bracelets and breathing.

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