BREATHE Brand Ambassador

Hi, Corrina here…

Breathe is going to try something new!  I have an amazing, beautiful, loyal, lovely, customer base and thanks to you and your referrals, Breathe is reaching a lot of people.

I would like to try something.  I would like to give 20 people the opportunity to be Breathe Ambassadors.  This is nothing formal…. It is a way for you, because you LOVE Breathe 10 Breaths Bracelets, to spread the word and share your experience and get rewarded for it.

What you will get is your own, personalised 10% discount code to share with family and friends, to share on social media, to share wherever. 

Every time someone uses YOUR personalised discount code on the BREATHE website, you will earn a point. At the end of the year, the discount code with the most points will receive a BREATHE Gift Pack to the value of £60. 

The BREATHE Gift Pack will include:

A BREATHE 10 Breaths Bracelet of your choice.

A BREATHE Natural Organic Cotton, Lavender and Linseed filled Eye Pillow.

BREATHE Lavender Essential Oil.

BREATHE Just Chill Pulse Point Roll On Essential Oil Blend.

CeeJayFitt Wellness Journal ( @ceejayfitt)

2X Molton Brown Travel size Body Wash Samples (50ml)

2X Molton Brown Travel Size Moisture Lotion Samples (30ml)

Festive Origami Heart bunting – 8 hearts


If you think you would like to be an informal Breathe ambassador (just for fun), drop me an email at telling me why you think you should be one of my 20 ambassadors.

Closing date is 31 May 2022, I will let the successful applicants know who they are and what their personalised code is.

The ONLY criteria is that you follow me on Instagram or Facebook or that you subscribe to the Breathe Newsletter so that I can keep you updated on news, specials, discounts, sales, wellness tools etc. 

This is an informal little fun adventure I would like to try out, if you would like to take part, for fun, drop me that email. 

Let’s see how it works and if it is amazing and you would like to carry on into next year, we may just do that.

For now, it will just be giving your PERSONAL discount code to friend who would love a bracelet, sharing your code on social media with you wearing your bracelet as one example.  Letting someone know, who could really use one, all about a Breathe Bracelet and letting them get a discount for their purchase.

I will set up a link with pics you can download for your grid, if you wanted to post about it that way...  if you didn't... no problem, you can still get and give out your code.

It is all about making Breathe Bracelets more accessible to the people who could really benefit from them.

Interested in a bit of fun?

Join the newsletter... Drop me a note… and on the 1st of June you will get your personalised discount code.




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