10 Breaths Cancer Support Bracelets

There is now a Cancer Support Bracelet added to the BREATHE Collection.

I have had a lot of requests for Cancer Bracelets.  I have shied away from doing anything specific as I have absolutely NO experience in crystal prescribing let alone anything vaguely medial.  

It has taken me a long time to do this, mostly because I really wanted to respect and honour the people who have to deal with this terrible disease.  I wanted to find the best general healing, supportive stones.

Saying that, all the stones I use in my 10 Breaths Bracelets are healing and support anxiety and stress.  I have added, Tigers Eye as it is said to stimulate inner strength and vitality.  Smokey Quartz as it supports cancer medications such as Chemotherapy and radiation and then Carnelian as it is said to bring courage and positivity.  

I think the combinations not only look pretty but used in conjunction with breath work can bring about the calm needed when a patient is feeling overwhelmed stressed or panicked.

What I have done is try to explain to clients that my 10 Breaths Bracelets are NOT a cure... they are a TOOL.  A tool to help the wearer to remember to BREATHE when times are tough, and you really need grounding and way to pause and remember that 10 breaths is all it takes to start the body and mind find calm.

10 Breaths Bracelets F.A.Q.

Which Cancer Support Bracelet is the best? - All the stones chosen to feature in the 10 Breaths Cancer Support Bracelets are healing.  Chose a combination that you think looks good.

What bracelet should I choose for Anxiety and Stress - As all the stones that I use are healing stones, I have concentrated on anxiety and stress relieves, or master healers.  So, any in the range really.  I would go for the one you are attracted to the most.  The colour that you really like... that way you would wear it more often.

I am buying for a friend, what bracelet should I buy? - as above... buy one in the colour or stone you think they would love the most.

How do you use a 10 Breaths Bracelet? - All bracelets come on a card that explains to you in short how to use your bracelet.  But for a little more info on the Cancer Bracelets (as most are gifted), I have designed a leaflet that will also go out with the Cancer Bracelets. 

Will the 'HOW TO' leaflet be available for the other bracelets? - YES!  It will be available from mid July.

I hope that you find this useful and if you wanted to design your own bracelets, contact me, and lets have a chat. 

If you are gifting your bracelet to someone... this is what the little leaflet looks like that will go with each Cancer Support Bracelet.  This way the wearer will have the guide to see how best to use their gift. 

 If you would like to download the leaflet, you can do that HERE

best wishes and love always


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